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"We are deeply grateful for your willingness to share your resources with the community of school children..."
Steven Payne, Executive Director
Oakland East Bay Symphony

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Music in the Schools

As music programs in schools continue to decline, the Music Performance Trust Fund has been increasing its support and commitment in this area. At present, approximately 35% of available funds are earmarked for in-school programming. The MPTF is proud to co-sponsor programs that not only present live music to the children, but also incorporate historic, instrumental and theoretical workshops. To continue its funding of these invaluable programs, MPTF is broadening its local and nationwide search for philanthropic support. Below represents just a few of MPTF's invaluable school programs.

Black History Month Concerts

Black History Month Concerts

Black History Month Concerts
Buffalo, New York

Each February, during Black History Month, MPTF provides full funding for concerts held in the neediest of inner-city schools of Buffalo, New York. The concerts are performed by musicians of diverse ages and cultures at schools that have lost their music programs. For most of these school children this is the only live music heard all year. The musicians visit the schools not only to perform Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Be-Bop and Soul, but also to talk about the history of black musicians, their instruments, and the music that has enriched our culture. The children are exposed to such names as Duke Ellington, Louie Armstrong, Charlie Parker-right up to Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder and Luther Vandross. Musicians perform in groups ranging in size from quartets to big bands.

Austin Jazz Workshop

Austin Jazz Workshop

Austin Jazz Workshop
Central Texas

AJW is a unique project that brings professional jazz musicians directly into central Texas inner city classrooms for workshops and performances. AJW's mission is to inspire young people to fully realize their creative potential through music. The group also seeks to reconnect students with their shared cultural heritage in the hope that they will someday build upon this cherished history of American jazz music. Since it began in 1994, AJW has brought more than 1,700 assembly performances and 4,500 classroom workshops to an estimated 450,000 students in the schools of central Texas. Funding from MPTF, which has been matched by the Texas Commission on the Arts, City of Austin, and the Austin Independent School District as well as by local businesses and foundations, enables the Austin Jazz Workshop project to serve a core group of 120 elementary schools.

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