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Music Performance Trust Fund Launches "Instrumental Partners" Campaign

New York: July 8, 2014 - The Music Performance Trust Fund supported by the major labels and Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), including Sony Music, Universal Music Group, Warner Brothers Music and Disney, has launched an innovative sponsorship program geared to connect instrument manufacturers and retailers with working musicians called MPTF's "Instrumental Partners." The new "Instrumental Partners" initiative will also expand the MPTF's primary goal of providing free music events to communities across North America. The MPTF will co-sponsor over 2,100 events across the U.S. and Canada in 2014, providing supplemental income to thousands of professional musicians.

MPTF Trustee, Dan Beck, a lifetime veteran of both the business and creative side of the music industry stated, "Our goal is to create a greater connection between various factions of the music industry, and to expand the number and impact of our events." MPTF events span the musical gamut of genres, from classical and opera to jazz, rock, soul, and country. Performances are held in free community access areas, parks, hospitals, retirement centers, and in schools. The Trust Fund has forged co-sponsorships with the Chicago Lyric Opera, the Broadway League, the Detroit School System, and the Los Angeles Symphonic Jazz Orchestra, among hundreds of others. "Instrumental Partners" will highlight instrument manufacturers and instrument retailers to create a special dimension in their relationship with professional musicians. International Musician, the official journal of the American Federation of Musicians has joined the campaign and will be providing supportive advertising throughout the year identifying participating companies. Editorial coverage will also be a feature of the campaign, which will be highlighted with an advertorial special section in the November holiday issue of the magazine, which serves over 100,000 readers; the vast majority being working musicians. A special "Instrumental Partners" logo/seal has been created for each partnering company to include in their own media and marketing campaigns identifying them as a true supporter of the MPTF and of working musicians in general. Partners will also receive recognition at select MPTF concerts across the country.

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Instrument Partners logo "We look forward to expanding our events in all categories, but especially in education where the need to support the arts is critical and vastly under-funded," added Beck. "Nearly 40% of International Musician's" readers are educators, who need this support for their school systems and colleges, but who, more importantly, are the most important influencers to new, young musicians across the U.S. and Canada." The current goal is to establish founding "Instrumental Partners" this year, while developing a leadership program that can continue forward for many years to come.

The MPTF was established as an independent public service non-profit evolving from a landmark labor agreement in 1948, between the AFM and the major record labels. It is funded via a royalty stream from the signatory labels, today principally Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group. The MPTF co-sponsors a wide array of free music events through public grant requests sourced through over 200 AFM local offices in the U.S. and Canada. The MPTF mission includes contributing to the public knowledge and appreciation of music, as well as making music a part of every child's life experience. The Trust Fund has been providing grants to local cultural organizations and civic groups continuously for over 65 years.

For further information please contact:
Dan Beck, Trustee

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